Camino de Santiago



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Ours is a hotel located in the heart of the Camino de Santiago.

We feel the weight of the inheritage walkers and innkeepers have been leaving after centuries of history and we make sure this legacy remains alive.

It is our desire that you find the walker’s peace and the worker’s calm while you stay in our hotel, it does not matter how short your stay may be. We want of course that you share the best moment of your day with us: your rest.

Our hotel is located in one of the main routes of the Camino de Santiago: this is the first stage of the route in León, after leaving Palencia behind.

Sahagún marks the “halfway” point of the camino francés for the pilgrims that come from Roncesvalles. The pilgrim usually stops off in Sahagún on his way to Astorga.


Sahagún was an important medieval city in the past and it still preserves a rich architectural heritage, among which we can find the Monasterio de Sahagún or the Ermita de la Virgen del Puente, located next to Puente Cano. The latter monument had a hospital for pilgrims since the XII century and shared the work flow with the Hospital de Afuera, also a hospital for pilgrims. This “health care” service made of Sahagún a hospitality reference since the Middle Ages.

The Santuario de la Peregrina is also a representative monument from the pilgrimage and it has nearly become a must visit place for the pilgrims. This sanctuary is devoted to the worship of the Pilgrim Mother, one of the most important and loved Marian statues of the Camino de Santiago.

Once you leave Sahagún, you can find the Puente Cano where the pilgrim can contemplate a carved calvary with images from the Camino de Santiago, the Pilgrim Mother or the Santiago Apostol.